Mustapha “lasaghaaammm” Kanit: The Winner Of The Poker Stars SCOOP Main Event

The 2015 Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) on PokerStars ceased from all operations on Monday with the finish of the $10,300 SCOOP High Main Event. The tournament got 694 participants so the competition produced a colossal $6.94 million prize pool, well surpassing the promoted guarantee of $4 million.

In the wake of two monotonous days of play, Mustapha “lasagnaaammm” Kanit, a player belonging to the Italy, was the last player remaining to claim the huge $1.3 million or more top prize alongside SCOOP watch which was his second. Kanit beforehand succeeded to win a $2,100 which was a no-restriction hold’em event for $376,920 for the duration of SCOOP celebration of last year.

This month was fantastic for Kanit, as not just did he have victory over the SCOOP High Main Event, but he also won in the EPT11 Grand Final €50,000 Super High Roller, with winning amount worth €936,500. It is not consistently that a poker contestant has victory of that extensive award in a live competition and an online competition around the same time.

Other excellent contestants on the last table of this occasion were Emil “Maroonlime” Patel who finished the game for second place and could gain $950,780, Andei “I am Bobbie” Streltsou could play for fourth place and won $527,440, Tonio “prrrak4783” Röder remained at fifth and gained $370,596, Christian “eisenhower1” Jeppsson, took 6th position and received $294,950, while Shaun “shaundeeb” Deeb, got seventh place for receiving $225,550.

Other striking players who stroked the rail right on time in the activity on Day 2 incorporated Jeremy “EndlessJ” Menard gained $27,760 for 38th place, Dan “w00ki3z.” Cates gained $31,230 for 33rd place, Elio “smokrokflock” Fox gained $31,230 for 32nd place, and David “dpeters17” Peters gained $31,230 for 30th place.

Richard ‘Chufty’ Ashby resume will remain embedded in the poker news room

The Aussie Millions also known as the Australian Poker Championship is the most significant poker tournament series held in Australia it is hosted at the Crown Casino.

The tournament’s main event is the Southern Hemisphere with a plethora prize pool of over A$7 million. One of the players who gained latitude through the Aussie Millions is Richard ‘Chufty’ Ashby. He first plunged into the series with a meager $4,000 that grew multi-fold to $100,000 but lost within a week in the games. However, this did not handicap him in playing future events as he has played to win various games. Richard has a penchant for Omaha. Richard has also been a vibrant online poker player under the aegis of the Black Belt Poker.

Richard first won the 2001 Grosvenor UK Open that was held in Luton to win £10,500 in a £100 PL Seven Card Stud tournament. Since then, he has squeezed out above half a million bucks in live events winnings including final tabling with finishes at the Manchester GUKPT in 2007 and the Aussie Millions that gave garnered A$150,000 placing 7th. In 2009, he became the biggest cash earner online when he wrung out $1,824,074 within a month. This success bestowed upon him eminence, especially the Two + Two platforms where nosebleed stakes get large following. In 2010, he became the winner of the WSOP Event 21 $1,500 Seven Card Stud tournament where he acquired $140,467. In less than two weeks he placed second in WSOP Event 43 in the $10,000 HORSE World Championship that netted him $378,027.

2010 was fortuitous for Richard as he appeared in the World Championship of Online Poker $2,100 PLO 6-Max tournament to win in a field of 480-entrants to get a WCOOP bracelet and $185,760. Richard boasts a rich and magnificent resume among the players based in London, England.

Phil Galfond record cannot be overlooked in the poker world

Today when poker players are required to possess versatile skills as to leverage opportunities online and in live tournaments, many gurus straddle in the two versions.

Phil Galfond who is American-based is a renowned poker player who has minted a bracelet at the WSOP and has also performed incredibly at high-stakes internet games while appearing on various GSN High Stakes Poker series. Notably, apart from his lengthy career in poker, he has garnered over $1,800,000 in live tournaments only. Poring over his resume shows he has acquired the earnings at three main poker games, including the WSOP, WPT and online tournaments.

At the fore is his winning in the $5,000 Pot Limit Omaha w/re-buys tournament at the 2008 WSOP to wring out $817,781 and a bracelet where he ousted Adam Hourani in a heads-up titanic encounter. Earlier in 2006, he had placed 18th at the WSOP’s circuit tournament in the Grand Casino Tunica for $22,895. On the other hand, he has also played at the WPT, placing 70th in the 2008 $25,000 buyin NLHE Championship tournament for a generous $39,570.

Online, his vibrancy is equally felt as he specializes in high-stakes cash events, particularly $200/$400. Along these lines, he has netted above $8 million in online poker games, this catapults him to the hegemony of the most prosperous players in the annals of internet poker history. However, his advancement was halted in April 2011 when the events of Black Friday came to haunt careers leading to his relocation to Canada from where he continued to bet online.

Notwithstanding his plethora winnings that have enlarged his bankroll amazingly, his all-time winnings at the Full Tilt Poker are above $10,000,000. His resume is an ideal piece for upcoming whiz kids who lack large bankrolls starting with free online bets to rise to the SCOOP or WCOOP for sizeable wins.

Danish Online Poker Market underthe Sack aftera Poker Player Allegedly Committed an Online Fraud

The Danish online poker is encountering serious accusations after a poker player from Denmark was allegedly found to have pinched millions of euros from other players through an online fraud.

Reportedly, a group ofonline poker players from Denmark, who play high stake cash game, informed the Economic Crime Department, in Copenhagen, Denmark about the counterfeit. As claimed by the victims they were swindled out of winnings worth of millions of euros by the as yet unidentified suspect. The findings also indicate that the alleged computer program may have been used by the suspect for about nine years before it came in the notice of the peers.

In a local press meeting, the Danish police commissioner, Torben Koldborg Frederiksen told the media that a 32 years old high stakes player along with some non-Danish poker players were involved in the fraud. The charges were filed in the month of October this year with the investigations still going on. Two players have been identified to have committed the online fraud but their names have not been released yet.

As told by one of the victims, he suspected his computer was tampered with when he found out that it was restarted when he was out of house and the surveillance cameras were also switched off for a period of 15 minutes that day.

The reports speculate that the suspect could have gotten help from the police department since they often employ Trojan Horse to spy on cyber criminals. He could see the hole cards of his fellow players while playing on different sites against them.

Although the names of the suspects are yet to be revealed, the online poker forum has claimed to know the name of the perpetrator but are only outlining the apparent guilty, with having won the European Poker Tour title. Many are surmising the suspect to be Peter Jepson, who was a suspect on a previous incident of one such minor fraud. Interestingly, he fits the description, of the current suspect perfectly, being 32 years old, having won the mentioned title and being a Danish citizen.

Keven Stammen, a brilliant poker player

Keven Stammen was born in the year 1985. He is an American specialized poker player currently residing at Celina, Ohio.

He was winner of a No Limit Texas hold ’em event of the 2009 World Series of Poker (WPT). He started playing professionally in his early 18’s. His total live tournament winnings go beyond $780,000. He plays on Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars as Stammdogg and stamdogg3 on Absolute Poker. He was ranked #5 in 2008 on for Pokerstars. He won $506,786 in his World Series of Poker victory.

Keven “Stamdogg” Stammen has several victories in the PokerStars $100 Rebuy, PokerStars $50 Rebuy, and Full Tilt $65k Guaranteed and $55k Guaranteed tournaments. From June 2007 to June 2008, he recorded 22 scores of over $10,000 in online tournaments. He final tabled the PokerStars Sunday Million in November 2008 for $55,600 and backed that up by earning cash prize of $84,600 achieving 4th place in the FTOPS X Event #9. In June 2009, he won the WSOP $2,500 NLHE Event #13 earning $506,786. In December 2011, he finished in the third position in the PokerStars 10th Anniversary High Roller event earning $219,000. In the year 2012 he booked a second place finish in an FTOPS $129 NLHE Multi-Entry Knockout event earning $72,000.

In October 2012, Kevin recorded three six-figure live scores including a win in a €2,000 No Limit Hold’em Turbo event at EPT San Remo earning $119,000, a second place finish in a €10,000 No Limit Hold’em Eight-Max tournament at EPT San Remo earning $213,000 and a runner-up finish in a €4,000 No Limit Hold’em event during the 2012 CAPT European Poker Championship earning $117,000. He closed out 2012 with a bash by winning second place in an FTOPS event earning $72,000. This has been one of his largest tracked online poker scores to date. In May 2013, he hit it big in the Sunday Million earning $178,000.

Jeff Shulman : A strategy poker player

He is famous for his special work and charity for other poker player who likes to play the poker game. Most of good will work that was done by Jerry Yang is when he won 10 clashes of poker game. He was first player who gave money to charity for the social and economical welfare of his country.

These make the difference between other poker player and Jerry Yang. His experience and views are loved by many fans of his. He is the player who played for his men and country in poker game.

He is a player who has no records in European poker tournament. He is a player which has great titles on his name. He is a player who has World Series of poker tournament. He has final table 17 on his number. He has 10 world poker tournaments on his name. He has cashes of amount $410,951on his name as well he has 10 cashes on his number. He is player of great sincerity in the game of poker.

He is player who has well planned plan before he starts playing the game of poker. He is a player who likes to play online game which include large amount of cashes and casinos. He is a player who has played for all World Series of poker game. He has final tables in world poker tournament where he had chance to loose them. He is a player whom likes to make opponent struggle when he is playing game of poker. He is a player who has best record in international poker tournaments. If we notice carefully while playing that he has good eye on opponent game when he is planning the game of poker. He has achieved his target what he has determined in the game of poker. And he never stops in life.

David Edward Reese-Poker possesses 2 bracelets

There are many games yet few games can be played by number of players. Don’t you feel bad when you don’t find spend time to play so? Because, you may don’t find time to relax you completely. You get that point? Of course you will have to choose a game like poker, where you should know the tricks to cope up.
David Edward Reese was the very professional player who is knowable as a gambler specifically. The player was from America, he was very much professional in terms of handling the process that is the cards as far as poker game is concerned. Edward was born by 1951. Edward was perfectly known as Chip Reese for the very reason he turned as a gambler. The poker was highly considered as cash game player.
2 WSOP’s:
The player was affected by a fever named as rheumatic, when he was in his early days. It was his mother, who taught or educated the game known as poker to him. This happened to take place when he was recovering from this fever. The poker was specialised in the subject named as Economics. This he did in Dartmouth College. Edward was much known for his act of playing the game poker against the grains of his professors. The poker was the member of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity. It was in Las Vegas the player started playing the game where he obtained the success therein the poker started gambling then. He dropped from his college studies and started the career in poker by 1978. Thus he gained or earned the bracelet which was his first and foremost too. It was by 1982, he earned the 2nd bracelet WSOP. In 1991, he was nominated to Poker hall of fame, when he was so young.

Jonathan Duhamel: one of the most popular poker players

Jonathan Duhamel was born on 24th of August of the year 1987. He is one of the most popular Canadian poker players and currently he resides at Boucherville, Quebec. Jonathan Duhamel got most of his fame after he won the World Series Championship, which was held in 2010. Again in the year 2010, In the main event of Poker World Series he succeeded to win a bracelet. He is well known for his many money finishes. He has played in the World Poker Tour. In that event, he managed to finish at the final table of the event along with three money finishes.

He has also played at the European Poker Tour event. Although he did not get either a title or a chance at the final table but he had two money finishes in that game. He is popular for his contributions to the world of poker. He is a technical poker player and is an inspiration for beginners. He is recognised as an official and professional poker player although he is fond of playing poker games at local tournaments. He has gained some much of fame by his techniques and the tricks and strategies he uses in the game of poker.

He won the title at the European Poker Tour by defeating John Racener. After that, he became the first ever Canadian poker player who won a bracelet at the main event. He donated $100,000 to the Montreal Children Foundation when he won the main event. Till this date, this was the largest donation ever made to the foundation. In January of 2010, he won a local event along with a cash prize of $40,000. He finished at the final tables of poker adventure for four times. He finished at third place at the Premier League VI at London and earned a cash prize of $12,400,000. He won $634,550 in High Roller event.

Sarah Herzali, a player of Poker Games

Sarah Herzali’s hometown is Marseille, which is located in France. Her total live earning is $192,440 and best live cash is $37,019. She got 20th place in 45th ‘World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2014’ on 22nd Jun 2014 with prize $13,390. She got the 22nd place in ‘Bwin EPT National Merit Cyprus’ on 30th March 2014 with prize $1,325. She got the 25th place 44th World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2013 in 6 Jul 2013 with prize $37,019. After that, he got 45th place in IPT San Remo, Sanremo on 27th Apr 2013 with prize $1,107. After that she got the 16th place in 2012 Mega Stack Series in 4 Jul 2012 with prize $692.
She got the 204th place in ’42nd World Series of Poker 2011′ on 5th Jul 2011, with the prize $3,568. She got the 27th place in Deep Stack Extravaganza III in 3 Jul 2011 with prize $1,569. Again she got 48th place in 42nd World Series of poker 2011 in 1 Jul 2011 with prize $3,503. She got the 5th place in Texan poker Open de Gruissan, Gruissan on 6 May 2011 with prize $4,575. She got the 3rd place in Texan poker Open Gruissan in May 2011 with prize $1,786. Again she got 79th place in 2011 Chili poker Deep stack open Cannes on 23rd Apr 2011 with prize $18,037.
She got the 1st place in Texas poker open de Gruissan on 23 Apr 2011 with prize 18,037. She got the 10th place in Team poker club, Paris on 12th March 2011. Again she got the 122nd place in ‘EPT Deauvile’ on 25th Jan 2011 with prize $10,208. She got the 7th place in the ‘Mazagan Poker Million’ on 4th Dec 2010, with the prize $6,217. Again she got the 3rd place in WPT Chili poker Marrakech Festival on 30th November 2010, with the prize $18,166. She got first place in Marrakech Festival on 22nd Nov 2010 with the prize $23,975. Again she got the 3rd place in same on 20th Nov 2010 with prize 4,288.

State debars Lansing charity poker game supplier license

The largest charitable gaming supplier of the state illegally and systematically diverted US$ 1.6 million in recenue to a Northville race track, a Lansing sports bar, as wella s to a consulting company, anounced the Michigan Gaming Control Board earlier on Thursday.

The gaming supplier, an ex-lawmaker and bar owner who operates the consulting farm all refused misconduct on Friday. The gaming supplier opwner told that she agreed to determine with the gaming board to fend off an expensive and lengthy legal fight.

As part of the resolution, the gaming board debarred the license of the Aces Gaming Supply of Lansing for thirty days. Without their poker room operator and supplier, Trippers Bar in Frandor shopping center as well as Northville Downs Race Track shut down the rooms for the same time period.

Trippers’ ownership got around US$ 562000 from 2008 – 2010 in encroachment of state Bingo Act, the gaming board stated in a press release issued on Thursday. Northville Downs got US$ 525000 and ex Sen. Doug Cruce was handed US$ 516000.

Cruce, who corresponded the Troy region in the Legislature and who now stays in Williamston, accounted the gaming board probe as part of an attempt to demonize large-hearted gaming as well as to outlaw those who run it.

Cruce, who founded the Michigan Charitable Gaming Association, told that this is by and large a harmless operation which does have some weak spots which could be dealt with and fixed if they wanted it to continue, but it is apparent this governor and his staff do not want it to continue and the question is why.