Online Poker Affairs At NJ

With NJ having started off with its online poker rooms about three years now, it is time to check the progress that this industry has done this year.

Indeed, the third year has been a focus on expanding the market as well as renewing commitment to grow the industry further in the coming years. Many would say that the third year has been overwhelming towards the end for NJ in terms of online poker industry growth. In terms of industry revenue it has improved slightly as per year on year performance. However, liquidity in cash games has been down.

This was hoped to be counted when PokerStars entered the market as it is the largest gaming online company and it brings in several festivals, tournaments and other events that spur interest and participation in any region. Operators and regulators are also ready to push limits and it is hoped that the effects will be more evident in the coming year.

The health of the industry in the state has improved as per the first two years when the online poker rooms started operations. From the period from November last year to February of this year there were market stagnation and Borgata was considering a move. By March 2016 PokerStars had started operations in the state. Liquidity in cash games went up by about five percent during this period.

Borgata was in the news as they broke ties with the company. Soon there was news of being taken over by GVC. The online casino websites like the Golden Nugget and Tropicana were also adding to the growth of the industry in this year. From the time PokerStars started off operating in the state, the competition bars were raised and so was the level of participation in the online events as well as offline events in the state.