Ivey, Dwan Reminisced By Tuchman

Renowned poker speaker Tuchman David looks back at the Million Dollar Full Tilt Poker Game consisting of three of the greatest poker players.

Tuchman talks about how got a chance to collaborate with a prominent director Martin Turner. He barely experienced poker but supported him to reach London and owned Formula 1. He remembers about the time Antonius was beaten by Ivey and extras were brought in look enhance the audience and also the time when he had to commentate for 20-24 hours straight. He says Full Tilt brought players who were not the players of the cash game and the game reduced in time finally to the three great players, a three poker live show and speaks about the impressive lineup of Brunson and Moss.

Moreover, he remarks about Full Tilt’s odd decisions like putting the player, Williamson III along the booth. He says the show was shot live even though it wasn’t one maybe that was the reason he was brought in because he was experienced in this. He remembers each of the hand was enormous, and the flop came out suddenly. As Tuchman predicted a non-club four comes and instills on to the mind of every poker fan. He also talks about how hard he tried not to curse and mentions how he learned to make dull stuff exciting from Turner.

He talks about Ivey who lost the huge pot, that he was a mysterious old soul and also that he remains a fan of Tom Dwan who was carefree and reckless. He says that everyone talked about the million-dollar pot except the men, Ivey and Dwan themselves who got back to playing, growing and winning. But at the end of the day, it was Tuchman who lasted longer in the game.

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