GTO Not Suitable For Small Stakes Tournaments

Carlos Welch advises on GTA strategy not being the best approach, especially for small stakes poker tournaments. He is a small stakes tournament player who began as a recreational player and gradually learned the actual poker strategy during the course of his career. Welch learned about GTO also known as Game Theoretically Optimal strategy and started using it to plug the leaks. As he followed this strategy he did not lose money any further and started earning enough money to keep him wealthy. This was indeed far better than losing all the money. However, he realized that playing in this manner is also not right completely considering the kind of games he chooses to play.

The GTO strategy may not be the ideal approach to follow if its small stakes poker tournaments. You can play GTO when there is no actionable information as it’s the appropriate thing to do as you are clueless about your opponent’s next move. But this is not the case when it comes to smaller stakes tournaments. You may not be aware of what mistakes they are making in specific, but you should be well versed with population tendencies. In situations where an opponent chooses not to follow the trend, he will end up revealing his sub optimal actions in due time. This means, the small stakes games may have a clear idea of GTO play to figure out how the opponents deviate from it which may be useful. However, trying to implement this strategy on your own may be useless.

Welch believes he can make money faster simply by going out of line against his opponents to exploit their errors. If your opponents make mistakes at an early stage and continue making more mistakes as they try to adjust, the best approach is definitely not a GTO. However, this strategy works well for cash games as there is no stress from the rise of blind level.