Christian De Leon, poker player with beautiful academic career

Christian De Leon has the beautiful academic career. He has completed the Business Tourism Administration at Mexico City University. As he studied the course related to Business he was also aligned to many businesses off the poker tables. Though he was able to manage many businesses until he joined poker, once he joined poker he never turned back from it as he understood the real cash that could flow from poker games is really high and hence have been fully involved in playing these games without taking any break from playing the game. His first moment is in August 2008, in LAPT Punta Del Esta $1,020 Second Chance have been successful in finishing 3rd position which gave him $16,400.

In 2009 the great player played three times in WSOP each time making good progress, in the first attempt in 2009 he managed coming 173rd position and next he shifted his place to 60th and then to 56th. In all of the three attempts he played on one and the same game No Limit Hold’em but winning three different cash prizes like $3,246, $8,037 and $7,237. Over experience the player was able to make significant progress coming 4th in the final table appearance at PokerStars WCOOP $1,050 No Limit Hold’em in September 2012 winning the cash prize of $107,032. This is the biggest amount in his career and also has motivated him not to ignore the profession and spend more time in learning any of the tips that he has left behind without learning or forgot applying them in the game.

Apart from playing poker Christian enjoys learning different languages and also tries understanding the various cultures. He also loves watching sports like tennis and football. Apart from watching he would also try playing the same games with his friends.