Justin Cuong Van Tran

Justin Cuong Van Tran was born on the land of Vitenam, he is a American Vietnamese pro poker player. Tran lives at Sacramento, California. In the beginning of his carrier he increased his bankroll from the Capitol Casino of Sacramento’s; here he used to play $9/$18 games.

Tran is purely self learning poker player, he claims that whatever he knows he had learned everything form his experiences and not from anyone’s guidance or teaching. He has achieved a Business Administration degree from the State University of California, but later on he chosen to pursue in the world of poker by making poker as his profession. First time he was taken to the local casino by his brother at his time of University, since then he quickly hooked up himself in the poker circuit.

Tran has won WSOP bracelet twice in his carrier, main event of a WCOOP, title of a WPT, award of Player of the year at a WPT in the 5th season, the World Poker Challenge, and has successfully made final tables five times at the event of WPT. In Tran’s carrier, the year 2006 was huge for him. In that same year he made appearance at final table in many of the major tournaments for ten times, and luckily finished the Card Player by standing at 3rd place, in the race of “Player of the Year”. He that same course of year he successfully earned and increased his bankroll over $1.1 million.

Up to now, Tran has made cash of nearly about $8 million from several live poker casino, he has substantially earned sum of near by $600k from online poker games. Apart form poker world, Tran loves to do fishing and sometimes go for a golf round with some of this peer pro pokers. He even enjoys listening music especially R&B and hip-hop as well.