Galfond Dominates FTP with $1.5m Profit

Galfond dominates Full tilt poker with a total profit of $1.5m in last few days. According to stats, Galfond played total 2500 hands and he was able to beat almost everyone at the final table.

The last night was truly lucky for Galfond where he made more than $1.5m Profit. It was really tough for Galfond to make the final table. Most popular faces were competing against Galfond like Scott, Isaac Haxton, Antonius, and Phil Ivey. All four players have noticeable poker resumes with incredible achievements. It is really tough to beat such legend players to make such a huge profit.

With this incredible achievement, Galfond has become top profile of the year 2013. Phil Galfond is a professional poker player from America. Galfond has already win WSOP bracelet at No Limit Holdem tournament 2008. He likes to play online poker in his off time. There is no doubt that Galfond is a high stakes online poker player from last few years. He is doing extremely well from last few seasons. He started playing poker during his college hours. Today, he is making his regular earning by online and live poker tournaments. In his initial poker career, he was working as counselor also.

Till now, Galfond has made multiple cashes and final tables with a total earning of $2m. He is a popular No Limit Holdem tournament poker player and high stakes online poker player. It is truly surprising that he has made more than $8m only by internet gambling. He is a successful internet poker player of the gambling history with incredible achievements. We are looking for a deep run from Galfond in coming future also. It is his poker skills that make him different from other players. According to Galfond, he wanted to continue online poker tournaments for his life time.