Chris Bjorin -The Tournament Winner

Chris Bjorin was the known poker player and he was born in the place of Sweden. After few years completed he went to London and many more places. The disgracefully quiet poker player was avoided after few months ago Chris got a chance to play a live tournament match at the year of 1980.

In general Chris have more interested in playing variety of games apart from that poker game will be the more familiar game for Bjorin apart from the another games. He started her records to won the match during the year of 1990 with the no-limit hold’em tournament. With in short period of time he became more popular in cash games at the place of Grosvenor Casino where it is situated in London. The first memorable cash for him was in All England NHLE grand prix which is held during the year 1989.

In the beginning of the year of 1991 he was travelled to the Vegas in order to complete their World Series tournament match of poker games. He completed her ninth at the final table of $10k NLHE main event at the year. In nowadays Bjorin won 2010 classic NLHE tournament event and he won the prize of the championship which have been conduct by the London series of the year 2010.

In next year 2011 he have won another poker tournament match which is named as Five star World poker classic which have been held again in Bellagio. The chases of the Chris will be 221. The total winnings of the Bjorin seems to be $4,797,429 it will includes all the tournaments match in which Chris have played. He got first place in 15 tournaments matches and he got 2 WSOP Bracelets. Bjorin starts continuing to live in London and he will be the poker game beater in all around the country.