Black Friday

2004 World Series of Poker Main Event Champion, Greg Raymer has a lot to say about black Friday because he was a former patent attorney in Massachusetts.

When he won this championship eight years ago, he was selling fossil card protectors to superstars until he became another super star. He as continued with his interest in law but no longer for pharmaceutical and Research Company anymore but American’s rights to play the country’s new favorite pastime online until black Friday.

In 2004, he was interviewed.

What do you see in the next five years happening for you?
“I dont know. I don’t think it’s going to necessarily change a lot. If it does it will because of some of these legal changes. If we, with the Poker Players Alliance, help (Assemblyman) Barney Frank (D-Mass.) and the other members of Congress to get some of these laws passed so that online poker is licensed and regulated within the U.S., I think we’re going to see an explosion again in the growth of poker. So that will have a lot of positive things for me and a lot of other professional poker players.”

Three years after the five year predictions, Black Friday has happened and affected him. Now we should be asking him what he intends achieving in the next five years when we see him today.
Just before he took to the felt in the 2009 WSOP Main Event in hopes of catching lightning in a bottle twice caught up with “Fossil-Man” to talk about how his life has changed since his championship.

It’s been five years since you’ve won the Main Event. How has your life changed since then?
“Oh, well, that answer is relatively easy. I used to be a 9-5 office worker for Pfizer, at their facility in Groton, Conn. (Signing autographs) This answers your question. Now, I’m traveling the world, playing big poker tournaments, people come up and ask for autographs and photos and handshakes.”