Main Event begins

The main event of World Series of Poker 2012 finally started with the great and world renowned 92 years old participant Ellen Graham Deeb, grandmother of Shaun Deeb. This year’s event is separated in three starting days that combined together to figure out the day 2 survivors on Tuesday. Each player participating in the tournament is given 30,000 chips along with two hour of blinds levels beginning at a range of 50-100. The overall idea is to play five levels each day and should wrap up within 12.30am.

It was in the year 2011 that 6,865 players were enrolled in the main event. That year the tournament was won by German Pro and superb player Pius Heinz. The field was filled with talented pros such as David Williams, Billy Baxter, Matt Glantz, Eric Baldwin, Barry Shulman, Greg Mueller and Steve Gross.

According to a private news channel, some renowned celebrities have preferred to play day 1 of the main event like Everybody Loves Raymond fame Ray Romano, actor and comedian Kevin Pollak, and singer Celine Dion’s husband, Rene Angelil.

Apart from that there is also large number of virgins of WSOP who participated in the main event like Chad Lawson and many more. This man also won a seat in the Chicago charity poker tournament because of doing some good work for a non-governmental foundation. There is also the well known Phil Ibster, from Georgia. On asking how he got the seat in the main event he replied saying that he got it by spending his hard earned money. Gillian Epp is also making her debut in this event.