Ivey, Dwan Reminisced By Tuchman

Renowned poker speaker Tuchman David looks back at the Million Dollar Full Tilt Poker Game consisting of three of the greatest poker players.

Tuchman talks about how got a chance to collaborate with a prominent director Martin Turner. He barely experienced poker but supported him to reach London and owned Formula 1. He remembers about the time Antonius was beaten by Ivey and extras were brought in look enhance the audience and also the time when he had to commentate for 20-24 hours straight. He says Full Tilt brought players who were not the players of the cash game and the game reduced in time finally to the three great players, a three poker live show and speaks about the impressive lineup of Brunson and Moss.
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GTO Not Suitable For Small Stakes Tournaments

Carlos Welch advises on GTA strategy not being the best approach, especially for small stakes poker tournaments. He is a small stakes tournament player who began as a recreational player and gradually learned the actual poker strategy during the course of his career. Welch learned about GTO also known as Game Theoretically Optimal strategy and started using it to plug the leaks. As he followed this strategy he did not lose money any further and started earning enough money to keep him wealthy. This was indeed far better than losing all the money. However, he realized that playing in this manner is also not right completely considering the kind of games he chooses to play.

The GTO strategy may not be the ideal approach to follow if its small stakes poker tournaments. You can play GTO when there is no actionable information as it’s the appropriate thing to do as you are clueless about your opponent’s next move. But this is not the case when it comes to smaller stakes tournaments. You may not be aware of what mistakes they are making in specific, but you should be well versed with population tendencies. In situations where an opponent chooses not to follow the trend, he will end up revealing his sub optimal actions in due time. This means, the small stakes games may have a clear idea of GTO play to figure out how the opponents deviate from it which may be useful. However, trying to implement this strategy on your own may be useless.

Welch believes he can make money faster simply by going out of line against his opponents to exploit their errors. If your opponents make mistakes at an early stage and continue making more mistakes as they try to adjust, the best approach is definitely not a GTO. However, this strategy works well for cash games as there is no stress from the rise of blind level.

Germany – The New Superpower Of Live Poker Tournaments

The world of live poker tournaments has a new superpower.

It has not been a rarity over the past several years to see German poker pros dominating the action at the poker tables. Their success has been particularly noticeable in, high roller tournaments around the world.

Since 2015, when the high roller series was introduced, Aria Casino in Las Vegas has had three such festivals conducted within its premises. And two of all three Super High Roller Bowls were laid claim to by German players. Rainer Kempe was victorious in getting the 2016 Super High Roller Bowl title, emerging as the victor from a field of 49 other high roller specialists. The player took home $5 million for his performance. Here it is particularly noteworthy that the event saw an all-German finale last year, with Fedor Holz is playing heads-up against the eventual champion.

A quick look at the German section of the Hendon Mob reveals a long-list of successful players. With over $23.9 million, it is not a surprise that Holz is the topmost on that list.

However, there are five more players to have gained eight-figure sums from live poker tournaments. And a better look at each of them would tell us that a good amount of their winnings has come from high roller tournaments.

Vogelsang’s Super High Roller Bowl victory from this summer propelled him into second position with over $14.2 million. Ole Schemion, who was particularly successful in 2014, 2015, and 2016, ranks third with live tournament winnings of nearly $13.3 million. Tobias Reinkemeier with $11.1 million, Philipp Gruissem with $10.9 million, and Rainer Kempe with $10.5 million are the rest of the players to comprise the list of the winners who have bagged through their winnings an eight-figure sum.

CSOP’s Season 4 Will Kick Off Amid Celebrities Presence

The Charity Series of Poker (CSOP) will start its fourth season on Sunday on July 9.

It was established by the poker pro Matt Stout in 2014. The event will take place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

The charity tournament will be a $225 buy-in and it will start at 2 pm PT. The tournament will feature re-buys of $100, and will benefit the (TSFB) Three Square Food Bank.

A number of personalities have confirmed to be the part of this event; the event is sponsored by the All American Dave (AAD) and Lake Las Vegas Water Sports (LLVWS). Among all the personalities, actor James Woods and famous film critic Richard Roeper will be the one. Other attractions of the event are Ken Daneyko former NHL player turned analyst, and Richard Seymour, the seven-time NFL Pro Bowler.

These personalities will be joined by a number of famous poker pros, including Chris Moneymaker the World Series of Poker 2003 champ, Lynn Gilmartin anchor of World Poker Tour, Michael Mizrachi and Gavin Smith the life of the party.

Festivities that will include an auction program will start with a Player Party at 1 pm PT, followed by the tournament, which will start an hour later from the party. For the first two hours, the add-ons and re-buys will remain available.

Half amount of the prize pool will be given to the charity, and the other half will be given to the top finishers of the tournament. Moreover, the $1,000 bonus will be given to the players who has the most re-buys as well as to the players who holds a lead of chip lead at the end of registration. The registration of the tournament will get over at approximately 4:15 pm.

WSOP Circuit Return To PBKC

Poker player Greg Raymer is also a player who had played a circuit event at Palm Beach Kennel Club. Now, the event is one its seventh consecutive year.

The World Series of Poker Circuit will call (PBKC) Palm Beach Kennel Club, in West Palm Beach home from February 9 to 20.

PBKC has also held the event WSOPC on November 10 to 21 in the year 2016. This makes the PBKC a circuit that is only a few two-time stops. The place is a wonderful and has witnessed the game of many poker legends. Some of the poker pro players, who have played circuit events at PBKC includes Greg Raymer, Jerry Yang, Lee Childs, Harrison Gimbel, Chad Brown, Josh Beckley and many more.

Speaking about the event the Director of the Card Room, Noah Carbone said “Hosting the event World Series of Poker Circuit We is thrilled. And it is kicking off at the Palm Beach Kennel Club is very exciting. Due to our favorable event dates we are expecting a large and a stronger field.”

“Poker players from all over the country are coming to PBKC to participate in the event. Some players have played here and some are new to the place. Thus, it is going to be more exciting and full of fun” he added.

The PBKC is the first non-casino that has got right to host the event WSOP Circuit. It is also the only stop in the State of Florida.

There are many things planned in the event for the players. One can also enjoy the promotion of cash game, simulcast and live. And not to forget the exciting poker games. PBKC has become one of the most liked destinations of many poker pros and also for WSOP among all Greg Raymer is also the one.

Design Of The Poker Bot Competition

Poker bot doubles up wins against the matches that the bots are playing against human players.

The machines have been able to up in 15000 blinds in about 9000 hands till now. The entire event would include 120,000 hands that are targeted over a time span of 20 days. The marathon event sees a battle ensuing over thousands of hands of poker between pro human players and poker bots sponsored by Carnegie Mellon University. The first day of the event saw players like Jason Les, Jimmy, Daniel McAulay, Dong Kim and others fall into a chip hole of 75000 against Libratus, a poker bot. The blinds were found to be 50 to 100.

By Thursday the scene was similar for the human players. The machines extended the lead they gained by about 150,000 chips. The contest of 20 days will have 120,000 hands, out of which 9000 were already played out by Thursday. The humans were playing against the machine every day for eight hours.

The results would be cumulated over a time span of 20 days. This will give an overall score of Brain vs. AI. Poker players will get $50,000 each if they are able to beat the poker bot.

Most of these pro players were part of the team that was able to beat the earlier version of the poker bot that was pitted against them last year. However, the CMU scientists insist that the results were akin to a tie as the margin was negligible. This time it seems that the results are being more defined. The competition has been designed such that it cannot be said that the outcome has been on luck. For that reason the pros are paired to play matches in duplicate. The players are also being seated in separate rooms in the casino.

Online Poker Affairs At NJ

With NJ having started off with its online poker rooms about three years now, it is time to check the progress that this industry has done this year.

Indeed, the third year has been a focus on expanding the market as well as renewing commitment to grow the industry further in the coming years. Many would say that the third year has been overwhelming towards the end for NJ in terms of online poker industry growth. In terms of industry revenue it has improved slightly as per year on year performance. However, liquidity in cash games has been down.

This was hoped to be counted when PokerStars entered the market as it is the largest gaming online company and it brings in several festivals, tournaments and other events that spur interest and participation in any region. Operators and regulators are also ready to push limits and it is hoped that the effects will be more evident in the coming year.

The health of the industry in the state has improved as per the first two years when the online poker rooms started operations. From the period from November last year to February of this year there were market stagnation and Borgata was considering a move. By March 2016 PokerStars had started operations in the state. Liquidity in cash games went up by about five percent during this period.

Borgata was in the news as they broke ties with the bwin.party company. Soon there was news of bwin.party being taken over by GVC. The online casino websites like the Golden Nugget and Tropicana were also adding to the growth of the industry in this year. From the time PokerStars started off operating in the state, the competition bars were raised and so was the level of participation in the online events as well as offline events in the state.

Party Poker MILLIONS Tournament On April 2017

There is going to be a poker player who will turn into a millionaire in April 2017 and that too in just one event.

Partypoker has announced that it will be conducting a MILLIONS tournament. This new event will be launched by Party Poker in April 2017.

This new event will be offering a massive £5 million prize pool and £1 million out of this 5 million will be reserved for the person who wins the event. These are really impressive figures and an attractive prize money pool that will make everyone try their luck out at the event. Also, with the buy in for the Partypoker event in April 2017 being just £550, getting this huge guaranteed prize pool is totally unbelievable.

To reach this astonishing prize pool, the tournament will hold dozens of Day 1s online and it will be going live at Dawn to Dusk as well as many other rooms across the United Kingdom and the world. This will make this new tournament a global event and one that all pokers can enjoy.

Players who buy in Day 1 will have to pay £550 and for this they will receive 100,000 chips. They will be playing in a blind structure that commences at 250/500. This will increase once every 16 minutes on the web and every 30 to 40 minutes in the live venues. Players with chips remaining after the first day will move into Day 2 with blinds rolled back to 2500/5000.

The Partypoker ambassador, Mike Sexton, is very happy about the new MILLIONS tournament. He is thrilled to add huge prize money to the winner of this event. The multi venue, online and live events give opportunities for players from all over the world to take part in this tournament and win a huge share out of the £500,000 prize pool.

Brent Roberts snatches WPTDeepStacks at Parx

Brent Roberts defeated a pack of 696 runners to bring down THE WPTDeepStacks Big Stax XV US$ 1500 Main Event at Parx Casino in Pennsylvania for US$ 205944.

This is the 3rd largest cash of Roberts’ live poker career that includes World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour final tables as well as a WSOP Circuit Main Event ring among his US$ 1.7 million in cashes.

Brian Lemke (14th), Mark Herm (15th), Brandon Cantu (18th), Justin Liberto (23rd), Tristan Wade (29th), Kane Kalas (34th), Nick Jivkov (37th), Jack Schanbacher (48th), and Jared Jaffee (60th place) were among the poker players to make the final sixty-two and cash in the Main Event of the well known popular Big Stax series.

Meanwhile, one of Europe’s culturally-rich and most charming cities Vienna is all set to host a massive twelve days of live poker event at Montesino Pokertainment Center. The WPT Vienna schedule includes 9 events, with the spotlight being €3200 Main Event going on from 15th to 20th March. There is also a €340 Warm Up tournament going on from 10th to 14th March, with a €200000 guarantee. People, who play at partypoker might attempt to qualify online to one of the top events on the agenda by joining one of the several online satellites presently running on the platform.

The St. Julians Portomaso Casino is once again home to The Grand Live Poker Tour. In 2012, Nikos Grammis outlived 337 participants to win €69085, while it was Denmark’s Jimmy Rasmussen who had the last smile in 2013 with the €52500 top cash prize in his pockets.

Poker Night Of This Weekend In America Sugar House Confirmed

It has been confirmed now that Sugar House Casino of the Philadelphia will host a number of poker activities or actions.

The $100,000 guaranteed poker shutdown will be taking place from 23 to 27 April; during these days, one more event, $280 buy-in tournament, will also be held and it will be featured with six day 1s. Moreover, a series of high stake cash game, Poker Night in America will also be taking place from 26 April to 28 April.

PNIA has recently made an announcement about the player arrangement for this cash game. It has also been decided that this cash game will also be recorded so that the live streaming of this game could be done on the April 26-28. And the special attraction of these events would be the appearance of the Phill Hellmuth who is gold bracelet leader of all time World Series Of Poker.

Pill Hellmuth who has already appeared two more time in previous events and he is making preparation for third appearance in this event, says that he is hopeful for enjoying his time at SugarHouse in Philadelphia. He seems to be eager to gain the experience of playing at the side of local players. He said it would be a great to see events mixed up with cash price.

Pill Hellmuth will not be a single person but he will be associated by the Darren Elias who is World Poker Tour Champion, Dan Shak who is a high roller, Andy Frankenberger who has been WPT Player of the year, and Chad Holloway who has been WSOP bracelet winner and is Managing Editor of the PokerNews. The Hollway who will come first time to the Philadelphia seems to be excited for taking part into this event he said that he has planned to play with big amount this time.